Commit bfbe19ef authored by Dario Seyb's avatar Dario Seyb

tracked down some last references to renamed functions

parent 49660d37
......@@ -96,9 +96,9 @@ class Context(object):
mat.polygonOffsetUnits = 0.1
if normals is 'vertex':
normals = calculatePointNormals(vertices, face_indices)
normals = calculate_point_normals(vertices, face_indices)
elif normals is 'face':
normals = calculateFaceNormals(vertices, face_indices)
normals = calculate_face_normals(vertices, face_indices)
# Resolve the given attributes, it's ok if they are None
resolved_attribs = resolve_attributes(face_indices, [normals, colors, uvs])
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