Commit 0493b9cf authored by Patrick Schmidt's avatar Patrick Schmidt

Replaced camel case function names by calculate_face_normals and...

Replaced camel case function names by calculate_face_normals and calculate_normal_edges in
parent 8e07b402
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ vertices = m.points()
faces = m.face_vertex_indices()
# We don't have normals, calculate them
normals = threevis.calculateFaceNormals(m.points(), m.face_vertex_indices())
normals = threevis.calculate_face_normals(m.points(), m.face_vertex_indices())
# Choose a random color for each face
colors = threevis.FaceAttribute(np.random.rand(len(faces), 3))
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ ctx.draw_edges(vertices, m.ev_indices(),
# Calculate data to display normals as edges
normal_vis_verts, normal_vis_edges = threevis.calculateNormalEdges(vertices, faces, normals, length=0.05)
normal_vis_verts, normal_vis_edges = threevis.calculate_normal_edges(vertices, faces, normals, length=0.05)
# Draw the normals in
ctx.draw_edges(normal_vis_verts, normal_vis_edges, colors = colors)
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