Commit e5575fb7 authored by Philip Trettner's avatar Philip Trettner

Added missing calling convention to intel workaround for Win32

parent 7a15454e
......@@ -515,7 +515,14 @@ int GlfwApp::run(int argc, char *argv[])
// WORKAROUND for Intel bug (3.3 available but 3.0 returned UNLESS explicitly requested)
using glGetIntegerFunc = void(GLenum, GLint *);
#define GL_CALL
#if _WIN32
#undef GL_CALL
#define GL_CALL __stdcall // 32bit windows needs a special calling convention
using glGetIntegerFunc = void GL_CALL(GLenum, GLint *);
auto getGlInt = (glGetIntegerFunc *)glfwGetProcAddress("glGetIntegerv");
GLint gmajor, gminor;
getGlInt(GL_MAJOR_VERSION, &gmajor);
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