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  • OpenMesh-6.0   Tagged OpenMesh 6.0 release
  • OpenMesh-6.1   OpenMesh 6.1 Release
  • OpenMesh-6.2   OpenMesh 6.2 release Bugfix release to make Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 compatible.

    OpenMesh 6.2 release

    Bugfix release to make Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 compatible.

  • OpenMesh-6.3
    0c6b4831 · Updated release date ·

    OpenMesh 6.3 release

    This will be the last release officially supporting C++98 compilers and building the integrated applications with Qt 4.

    The update adds a workaround for an gcc optimizer bug causing segfaults when optimizing with '-O3'. If your gcc is affected (gcc 4.x and 5.x) OpenMesh will fall back to '-O2'. Our Python interface got some build system updates and we fixed several warnings.

  • OpenMesh-7.0


    This release adds more C++11 support. We can't guarantee that OpenMesh compiles with non C++11 compatible compilers anymore. Furthermore we removed the Python support from the package itself and moved to a new interface available via Pypi.org. The source of the python bindings is now in our Gitlab.

    Next to the Core updates for C++11 we fixed several bugs and improved handling for external vector types.

    The Subdivider was updated with a midpoint subdivision scheme.

    Another set of changes adds fixes and improvements to several reader and writer modules.

  • OpenMesh-7.1
    206da010 · Missing changelog entry ·

    OpenMesh 7.1 release

    This release is a minor bugfix release.

    We now enforce C++-11 in cmake to make sure OpenMesh compiles without having to add CXX Flags manually with compilers requiring additional flags to enable C++11.

    Furhermore a regression in the OBJ reader was fixed causing very poor performance.

  • OpenMesh-8.0   OpenMesh 8.0 release

    This release now relies on compilers supporting C++11 or higher. Therefore Visual Studio 2013 is no longer supported.

    The major upgrade in this release is the integration of an Eigen3 wrapper providing a direct replacement of the integrated vector type (Vec3d/Vec4d). You can now use Eigen3 vectors as the basic data type inside OpenMesh.

    We also improved several readers and writers. Furthermore the new SmartTagger class has been added which can be used to tag primitives in the mesh while providing an O(1) reset of the tagging.

    Next to this, we removed the glut requirement from the apps.