Commit 2eebdd62 authored by Max Lyon's avatar Max Lyon

reduce scope of variable

parent f1e0588b
......@@ -133,16 +133,16 @@ template<class MeshT>
float ModAspectRatioT<MeshT>::collapse_priority(const CollapseInfo& _ci) {
typename Mesh::VertexHandle v2, v3;
typename Mesh::FaceHandle fh;
const typename Mesh::Point *p1(&_ci.p1), *p2, *p3;
const typename Mesh::Point* p1(&_ci.p1);
typename Mesh::Scalar r0, r1, r0_min(1.0), r1_min(1.0);
typename Mesh::ConstVertexOHalfedgeIter voh_it(mesh_, _ci.v0);
v3 = mesh_.to_vertex_handle(*voh_it);
p3 = &mesh_.point(v3);
auto p3 = &mesh_.point(v3);
while (voh_it.is_valid()) {
v2 = v3;
p2 = p3;
auto p2 = p3;
v3 = mesh_.to_vertex_handle(*voh_it);
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