Commit 50f4cfe9 authored by Martin Schultz's avatar Martin Schultz

manually added changes from pre submodule merge request Faster Vertex

Update branch meshcompiler_fast_update
parent 8698692f
......@@ -221,6 +221,16 @@
meshNode_ = new ACG::SceneGraph::MeshNodeT<MeshT>(*mesh_, shaderNode_, "NEW MeshNode");
if (meshNode_->getDrawMesh())
bool fastUpdate = OpenFlipperSettings().value("Core/Debug/FastVertexUpdate", false).toBool();
if (fastUpdate)
QString shaderDir = OpenFlipper::Options::shaderDirStr() + OpenFlipper::Options::dirSeparator();
std::string shaderDirectory = std::string( shaderDir.toUtf8() );
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