Commit 12e18894 authored by Jan Möbius's avatar Jan Möbius

Removed WhatsThisGenerator from Baseinterface

parent 18bd5ca9
Subproject commit 14711d85a838d646755ddd24b54aaeadf23213d2
Subproject commit 293bcfa83157dd9a9c932b3e31d82360f93dab22
Subproject commit 094c1f2ff377229421508b5dec04ecb40fd89aa3
Subproject commit 0f7ff6897240d30d592a3052f2f731396f164bc8
Subproject commit bfe3d508afdd94403c0346ae797012b0061ce31e
Subproject commit 40c164ef23bbfe87d3530be0848cf7aa8b5a0d78
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