Commit 22f80f35 authored by Marlin Frickenschmidt's avatar Marlin Frickenschmidt

+Implemented orthogonal projection mode for coordinate system. Switching...

+Implemented orthogonal projection mode for coordinate system. Switching to/from this new projection mode can be done via the right-click context menu of the coordinate system. This will not change how the scene in the current viewer is rendered.
+Changed the "Lock view" behaviour. Selecting any of the six fixed views from the coordinate system's right-click context menu's "Viewing Direction" will now lock the rotation, and "Free view" will unlock it. It is still possible to use "Lock rotation" to lock the currently selected rotation.
+Fixed small error in Stereo Viewer

git-svn-id: 383ad7c9-94d9-4d36-a494-682f7c89f535
parent 9e87cad1
......@@ -1198,7 +1198,6 @@ void ViewControlPlugin::setView(int _mode, int _viewer ) {
PluginFunctions::allowRotation(true, _viewer);
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