Commit 31db2e8c authored by Max Lyon's avatar Max Lyon

use face normals to compute direction for vec2

parent cd820f70
......@@ -405,7 +405,7 @@ void OMPropertyVisualizerVector2<MeshT, VectorType>::visualizeHalfedgePropAsStro
typename MeshT::Point v1 = OMPropertyVisualizer<MeshT>::mesh->point(vh0) + 0.5 * (OMPropertyVisualizer<MeshT>::mesh->point(vh1) - OMPropertyVisualizer<MeshT>::mesh->point(vh0));
VectorType v = OMPropertyVisualizer<MeshT>::mesh->property(prop, *he_it);
ACG::Vec3d normal = OMPropertyVisualizer<MeshT>::mesh->normal(*he_it);
ACG::Vec3d normal = OMPropertyVisualizer<MeshT>::mesh->normal(OMPropertyVisualizer<MeshT>::mesh->face_handle(*he_it));
if (vectorWidget->normalize->isChecked() && v.sqrnorm() > 1e-12)
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