Commit 927827c3 authored by Martin Schultz's avatar Martin Schultz
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fixed bad automerge which caused a segfault

parent 3af877ca
......@@ -492,23 +492,6 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
QApplication::setColorSpec( QApplication::CustomColor );
#if QT_VERSION >= 0x050500
switch (parseCommandLine(parser, &errorMessage)) {
case CommandLineOk:
case CommandLineError:
fputs(qPrintable(errorMessage), stderr);
fputs("\n\n", stderr);
fputs(qPrintable(parser.helpText()), stderr);
return 1;
case CommandLineVersionRequested:
printf("%s %s\n", qPrintable(QCoreApplication::applicationName()),
return 0;
case CommandLineHelpRequested:
QSurfaceFormat format;
format.setVersion(4, 4);
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