Commit 8b974faa authored by schultz's avatar schultz

added windows lib dir search path to findassimp

parent f66e814c
...@@ -63,8 +63,9 @@ if( WIN32 ) ...@@ -63,8 +63,9 @@ if( WIN32 )
PATHS "${CMAKE_WINDOWS_LIBS_DIR}/assimp-4.1.0/lib" PATHS "${CMAKE_WINDOWS_LIBS_DIR}/assimp-4.1.0/lib"
"${VS_SEARCH_PATH}assimp-4.1.0/lib" "${VS_SEARCH_PATH}assimp-4.1.0/lib"
"${VS_SEARCH_PATH}assimp/lib" "${CMAKE_WINDOWS_LIBS_DIR}/assimp/lib"
"C:/Program Files/Assimp/lib" "${VS_SEARCH_PATH}assimp/lib"
"C:/Program Files/Assimp/lib"
) )
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