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/** \page interfaces Plugin Interfaces
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\section pluginInterfacesIntro Introduction

OpenFlipper provides a flexible plugin interface. Plugins can implement various interfaces.\n

Each interface provides special signals/slots or functions to communicate with the core or
to react on special events. The most important interface is the BaseInterface. This Interface
provides the core functionality for the plugin. E.g. loading the plugin, specifying its name
and basic communication regarding object changes or view updates ( See BaseInterface for further details).\n

Additional functionality is provided by the other interfaces. For user interaction one typically uses the
MouseInterface or KeyInterface which will provide events based on mouse or keyboard interaction.\n

The user interface of OpenFlipper can also be used by plugins. The MenubarInterface provides functions to
add additional icons to the menubar while the ToolboxInterface can add widgets to the toolbox on
the right of the OpenFlipper screen.

\section pluginInterfacesUsage Usage of plugin interfaces

To use functions from one of the interfaces you have to do the following steps:
<li> Include the interface header file in your plugins header file
<li> derive your plugin from the Interface class defined in the interface header file
<li> add Q_INTERFACES( InterfaceName ) macro to your plugin class containing only the name of the interface to be used
<li> Add the signature of the signals you want to use to the signals of your class definition.
<li> Add the signature of a slot you want to implement to the \b private \b slots of your class definition.
It is not necessary to implement all signals or slots from one of the interfaces (Except some functions from BaseInterface).
The core application will only use the slots you define in the plugins header file and ignore all other functions.\n

If you recognize that an interface function of your plugin is not called, check if it is defined correctly in your plugin
class and the signature is the same as in the interface.\n

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\section pluginInterfacesBaseInterface OpenFlipper Base Interface

\subpage baseInterfacePage

All plugins in OpenFlipper have to implement some basic functions from BaseInterface. They are used to integrate and manage
the plugins by the core application. See \ref baseInterfacePage for details.

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\section pluginInterfacesUIOverview Available Interfaces for controlling the User Interface

This section gives an overview over the available interfaces which control OpenFlippers User interface.

\subpage contextmenuInterfacePage 
\image html ContextMenuInterface.png
Add context menu entries in your plugin. ( \ref contextmenuInterfacePage )

\subpage menuInterfacePage
\image html MenuInterface.png
Provides a function to create entries in the menubar ( \ref menuInterfacePage ).

\subpage toolboxInterfacePage
\image html ToolboxInterface.png
Provides functions to create a separate widget in the toolbox on the right ( \ref toolboxInterfacePage ).

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\subpage toolbarInterfacePage
\image html ToolbarInterface.png
Provides a function to add toolbar buttons. ( \ref toolbarInterfacePage  )

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\subpage statusbarInterfacePage
\image html StatusbarInterface.png
This interface is used to display messages in the status bar or adding widgets to it ( \ref statusbarInterfacePage ).
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\section pluginInterfacesOtherOverview Available Interfaces for controlling other functions

This section gives an overview over the available interfaces which control other parts of OpenFlipper.

\subsection BasePlugin Base Interface
This is the Basic plugin Interface. All Plugins have to provide at least this interface. It offers plugin
name and some important Signals and slots which will be called by the main application. See BaseInterface
for details.

\subsection KeyPlugin Keyboard Interface
\image html keyInterface.png
 You have to provide this interface if you want to get key events in your plugin ( KeyInterface ).\n

\subsection MousePlugin Mouse Interface
\image html mouseInterface.png
This interface is used to deliver mouse events to a plugin ( MouseInterface ).\n

\subsection LoadSavePlugin Load / Save Interface
\image html loadSaveInterface.png
Provides functions to handle mesh files and load / unload geometry
objects into the scene graph ( LoadSaveInterface ).

\subpage loggingInterfacePage
\image html LoggingInterface.png
This is an Interface for Logging to the included log widget. You can log to different levels
(LOGOUT,LOGWARN,LOGERR,LOGINFO) ( \ref loggingInterfacePage ).

\subsection TexturePlugin Texture Interface
\image html TextureInterface.png
Allows your plugin to provide a texture. ( TextureInterface )

\subsection PickingPlugin Mouse Picking / Pick Modes
\image html PickingInterface.png
Handle mouse picking in your plugin ( PickingInterface )

\subsection RPCPlugin RPC Interface
\image html RPCInterface.png
This interface is used to call functions across different plugins ( RPCInterface ).

\subsection FilePlugin File Interface
\image html FileInterface.png
Provides functions to read and write custom filetypes ( FileInterface )

\subsection TypePlugin Type Interface
\image html FileInterface.png
Allows plugins to specify custom data types and makes them available
to other plugins ( TypeInterface )

\subsection ViewModePlugin View Mode Interface
\image html FileInterface.png
Specify own view modes ( ViewModeInterface )

\subsection ViewPlugin View Interface
\image html ViewInterface.png
This interface is used to add additional view widgets ( ViewInterface ).

\subsection ScriptPlugin Script Interface
\image html ScriptInterface.png
For plugins who provide scriptable functions ( ScriptInterface )

\subsection OptionsPlugin Options Interface
\image html OptionsInterface.png
This Interface is used by plugins which will provide their own options by
integrating its own options widget into OpenFlipper's options window. ( OptionsInterface )

\subsection BackupPlugin Backup Interface
\image html BackupInterface.png
Use this interface to backup data ( BackupInterface )

\subsection INIPlugin Use Inifiles to store information
\image html INIInterface.png
Receive an event if an ini file is opened by the application. ( INIInterface )\n