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\section Creating new renderer plugins
\section creating_new_renderer_plugins Creating new renderer plugins
The rendering pipeline is fully customizable via external plugins.
Each shader-based renderer is represented by a subclass of RenderInterface and ACG::IRenderer,
......@@ -237,16 +237,14 @@ ShaderCache::getInstance()->getProgram(&shaderDesc, ModifierA_ID | ModifierB_ID)
\section Debugging tips and tricks
\section acg_debugging_tips_and_tricks Debugging tips and tricks
The most important function for debugging dumpRenderObjects() is provided by ACG::IRenderer.
This can be called after call to prepareRenderingPipeline() and it creates a text file
containing a full data dump of all render objects with all states and shader codes for each.
dumpRenderObjectsToText("../../dump_ro.txt", &sortedObjects_[0]);
You can just call the dumpRenderObjectsToTexxt() function with a filename and a pointer to the
Often encountered errors:
- lighting disabled in ShaderGenDesc and black emission color (use different emission color)
......@@ -260,4 +258,4 @@ Often encountered errors:
If the whole scene seems to be rendered wrong, it is possible that one draw-call causes problems in the OpenGL state machine.
Try to render only a selection of renderobjects until the problematic one is found.
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