Commit 70c1f103 authored by Jan Möbius's avatar Jan Möbius
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Updated gmm finder to use 5.0 on windows

parent 4b68addd
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...@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ find_path( GMM_INCLUDE_DIR ...@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ find_path( GMM_INCLUDE_DIR
"c:\\libs\\gmm-4.2\\include" "c:\\libs\\gmm-4.2\\include"
"c:\\libs\\gmm-4.1\\include" "c:\\libs\\gmm-4.1\\include"
"c:\\libs\\gmm-3.0\\include" "c:\\libs\\gmm-3.0\\include"
"${CMAKE_WINDOWS_LIBS_DIR}/general/gmm-4.2/include" "${CMAKE_WINDOWS_LIBS_DIR}/general/gmm-4.2/include"
${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/MacOS/Libs/gmm-3.1/include ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/MacOS/Libs/gmm-3.1/include
../../External/include ../../External/include
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