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Work in progress #2509

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in vec4 inWorld0;
in vec4 inWorld1;
in vec4 inWorld2;
void main()
// transform with instance world matrix
vec4 arrownode_posWS;
arrownode_posWS.x = dot(inWorld0, inPosition);
arrownode_posWS.y = dot(inWorld1, inPosition);
arrownode_posWS.z = dot(inWorld2, inPosition);
arrownode_posWS.w = 1.0;
// transform to view and clip space
sg_vPosVS = g_mWV * arrownode_posWS;
sg_vPosPS = g_mWVP * arrownode_posWS;
sg_vNormalVS.x = dot(,;
sg_vNormalVS.y = dot(,;
sg_vNormalVS.z = dot(,;
sg_vNormalVS = g_mWVIT * sg_vNormalVS;
sg_vNormalVS = normalize(sg_vNormalVS);
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