Commit 1b34e696 authored by Jan Möbius's avatar Jan Möbius

Made Strip Processor more fault tolerant. It does not store the handles...

Made Strip Processor more fault tolerant. It does not store the handles anymore but only the Property names. Theirfore if the property is missing, no segfault will occur!

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......@@ -460,18 +460,14 @@ public:
* If this function returns true, a per face per vertex texture array is available
bool perFaceTextureCoordinateAvailable() {
return ( perFaceTextureCoordinateProperty_.is_valid() );
bool perFaceTextureCoordinateAvailable();
/** \brief Check if textureindicies are available
* If this function returns true, the strip processor will respect textures during strip generation.
* Each returned strip has than an index that has to be used as a texture index during strip rendering.
bool perFaceTextureIndexAvailable() {
return ( textureIndexProperty_.is_valid() );
bool perFaceTextureIndexAvailable();
/** \brief get a pointer to the per face per vertex texture coor buffer
......@@ -497,14 +493,14 @@ private:
* texture. This means that the generated strips will be independent of texture
* information.
OpenMesh::FPropHandleT< int > textureIndexProperty_;
std::string textureIndexPropertyName_;
/** \brief Property for the per face texture coordinates.
* This property is used by the mesh for texture coordinate specification.
* If this is invalid, then the strip processor will ignore per face textures during processing.
OpenMesh::HPropHandleT< typename Mesh::TexCoord2D > perFaceTextureCoordinateProperty_;
std::string perFaceTextureCoordinatePropertyName_;
std::vector< ACG::Vec2f > perFaceTextureCoordArray_;
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