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ACGL - Aachen Computer Graphics Library

Intended to speed up graphics/OpenGL prototyping. Developed by Lars Krecklau and Robert Menzel with help from Andreas Neu, Janis Born, Kersten Schuster, Ole Untzelmann, based on prior work from Lars Krecklau.

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Included third-party software:
* Includes lodepng by Lode Vandevenne, unchanged except for the include path in lodepng.cpp. lodepng is provided as-is, see license text in the lodepng source code.
* Includes OpenGL loader code created by a modified glLoadGen by Jason McKesson.
* Includes GLM by Christophe Riccio.
* Includes data type definitions from libspnav header originally by John Tsiombikas (see mini_spnav.h for details).
* Includes RGBE/Radiance image import by Bruce Walter (code provided 'as-is') minimally adjusted to reduce compiler warnings.

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See LICENSE.TXT for licensing information.

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Additional documentation: