Commit 7fea63ce authored by Ole Untzelmann's avatar Ole Untzelmann

[Animation] Fixed AnimationSpeed::update()

parent 87c69437
cmake @ fbc7a6c6
Subproject commit 809ae57efe0fb1b44c069aacfabd3f5f988cafdb
Subproject commit fbc7a6c6d438fd390368709eb7727f3a522bfe27
......@@ -337,9 +337,6 @@ public:
//Calculate the distance
float distance = mCurrentSpeed*((float)_msec)/1000.0f;
if(distance > 10.0f)
distance = 1000.0f;
//Move on that distance
float realDistance = mInterpolator.interpolate(mpData, distance);
long msecLeft = (uint_t)((distance-realDistance)*1000.0f/mCurrentSpeed);
......@@ -350,7 +347,7 @@ public:
mCurrentSpeed += fmin(mTargetSpeed-mCurrentSpeed, mAcceleration*((float)_msec)/1000.0f);
return 0;//msecLeft;
return msecLeft;
virtual bool finished()
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