Commit 4227315b authored by Robert Menzel's avatar Robert Menzel

SimpleRiftController now supports Rift SDK 0.2.5

parent 43396bef
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ public:
* the user has to look into at least four very different directions
* for this to work.
SimpleRiftController( uint32_t _riftnumber = 0, bool _performAutomaticMagneticCalibration = true );
SimpleRiftController( uint32_t _riftnumber = 0 );
......@@ -73,15 +73,6 @@ public:
//! this can be used as an alternative to updateCamera if the attached camera should not be used.
glm::mat3 getCurrentRotation();
//! start the automatic calibration process, by default this is done in the constructor
void startMagneticCalibration();
//! delete the calibration data and work uncalibrated. A new calibration can be started if wanted
void deactivateMagneticDriftCorrection();
//! check if the calibration worked
bool magneticCalibrationDone();
//! sets the amound of seconds to predict the headmovements into the future
//! default is 0.03f, should be no more than the rendering latency!
void setPrediction( float _seconds );
......@@ -202,9 +193,8 @@ private:
OVR::Ptr<OVR::DeviceManager> mORManager;
OVR::Ptr<OVR::HMDDevice> mORDevice;
OVR::Ptr<OVR::SensorDevice> mORSensor;
OVR::SensorFusion mORSensorFusion;
OVR::Util::MagCalibration mMagneticCalibration;
OVR::SensorFusion *mORSensorFusion;
// all rotations are relative to the one the Rift started with:
OVR::Quatf mInverseNeutralRotation; // as quaternion
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