Commit 3cb2cdcd authored by Robert Menzel's avatar Robert Menzel

added default shaders

parent 444de9ee
......@@ -169,9 +169,21 @@ public:
// for rendering:
ACGL::OpenGL::SharedShaderProgram mDistortShaderSideBySide;
ACGL::OpenGL::SharedShaderProgram mDistortShaderTwoTextures;
ACGL::OpenGL::SharedVertexArrayObject mVAO;
GLint uLensCenter;
GLint uScreenCenter;
GLint uScale;
GLint uScaleIn;
GLint uHmdWarpParam;
GLint uChromAbParam;
GLint uDistort;
GLint uCorrectChromaticAberation;
bool mBuildInShader;
bool mUseDistortion;
bool mUseChromaticAberation;
glm::uvec2 mOutputViewport; // if it's 0,0 -> use the Rifts screen dimensions!
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